[It’s not] About me.

I am a “sword in Someone else’s hand.” This is how Saint Maria of Paris referred to herself in one of her poems. She described herself as a humble instrument of the Lord. And this is truly how she did life with people:

“To truly see the dignity of others and to truly love them meant that love would wage war against the evil that had so terribly harmed them…we must first see in each person a reflection of God himself and respond with the kind of humility and passion to serve that such an awesome revelation requires.” – Eric Metaxas, Seven Women

Oh how I’d love to master this.

I am Charissa Grace Howes. I am a mess lavished in His grace | A disciple of Jesus | A twenty-something year old | A daughter | A wife | An older sister | A social worker | A graduate student | A modern-day abolitionist | And always a learner.

This blog is a small record of what Jesus is teaching me, updates on my ministry, and books that I love.

Can I be real? I don’t feel that what I have to say is any more thought-provoking, new, special, or captivating than what many others have already said. I very much do not have it all figured out. However, I do enjoy writing. I enjoy sharing. And I want to use this very small platform I have on the interwebs to exalt Christ.

Ultimately, if just one person reads my words and it inspires them to love Jesus more and love people more, then this blog has fulfilled its purpose.